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Analysis of the agri-food sector, seeking out projects of interest and fully understanding the local dynamics of the entire food production and sales chain in Turin's District 3.


Design a system that can be replicated in various contexts linking different actors on the territory with the aim of: promote the excellence of the territory, teach food education and rediscover the tradition.


The system involves various actors: producers, market traders, shopkeepers, social associations, schools and citizens. It is an evolution of the local market, which takes the form of an inclusive Food Forest aimed at guiding users towards an informed approach to purchasing and consumption, in an immersive environment in which they can discover ancient local crops, local producers, local traders and healthy eating practices.

Communication Design

The communication project marks all the steps of the user's journey. From the initial launch of the project, to the discovery phases on social networks and direct visits, to the detailed explanation on the website, the project is therefore divided into 5 phases:

1 Preparatory communication: physical and digital.
Poster design and social profiles launch.

2 Events and opening: planting and launching.
Citizens involvement.

3 Social: discovery and curiosity.
Planning of publication linked to the life of the project. After opening, it becomes the tool for introducing the project to new users.

4 Internal communication.
The user is immediately accompanied in the discovery of the project and projected into the immersive journey through the Food Forest divided into steps: Discovery, Purchase and Consumption. Each phase is supported by explanatory signs alongside the plants and points of sale.

5 Site: Project narrative and discovery.
Access to the same informations found in the Food Forest as well as additional content. Digital educational discovery path , detailed information on plants, producers, recipes and events.