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The goal was to give project suggestions to a number of laboratories in the municipality of Turin that adhere to the InGenio project.

The project was developed around the idea of giving a new life to left over rubber sheet used during the offset printing process. Even if the sheet can’t perform its original function anymore, its physical characteristics remain intact, which makes it suitable to be used for new products and prevents wasting it.


A hammock has been made from an end-of-life rubber sheet used for offset printing. This material has a high mechanical resistance which makes the hammock versatile for both relaxing and having fun swinging around in your garden!


One of the most prominent physical characteristics was its resistance, which allowed the hammock to be used for situations where the user is both relaxing with minimal movement and swinging. In addition, this makes the hammock resistant to moderately harsh weather conditions, which makes it ideal to be used outdoors. To make sure that the hammock takes full advantage of the features of a material that would otherwise be wasted, the usage of other materials has been kept to a minimum. The other materials were: a 16 m cord of Ø=5 mm, a 1 m cord of Ø=3 mm, and 16 grommets of Ø=12 mm.

Cork heatsink
Origami Packaging