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The project began with the request from the Turin FabLab to design a seating system for its spaces in response to the needs of its users and the intrinsic nature of FabLabs. The project analysed the needs of makers, the specific characteristics of the environment (from critical issues to unexpressed potential), the Do It Yourself culture, the open-source sharing of projects, the technical characteristics of production based on the machines available in every FabLab and the study of materials.


A seating system that meets three main requirements: Versatility, Coworking (Collaborative design), Space-saving. The activity on which the project is focused is the workshop one, but also thinking of a product that can be used in other contexts within the laboratories. The design challenge was to create a seat that could be used as a chair, a small table plus a stool or a seat for high workstations and at the same time communicate the values of FabLabs with its shape and characteristics.


Woodie was born from the idea of creating a seat that can give life to a functional environment for workshops and conferences, offering a tool that the user could use according to his needs and in complete autonomy.

Woodie is composed of two separate bodies. The external structure is adjustable to three different heights and can be used as a table or as a stool thanks to a mechanism placed on the four legs that allows the user to lift the top with a simple gesture. Inside this structure is the Woodie box, which in addition to serving as a stool in combination with the table, can be used to store personal items. Woodie is also an object that promotes and stimulates socialization and group work, encouraging the free organization of the working environment. Woodie is made entirely of birch wood, a resistant wood but at the same time malleable and suitable for any type of processing.

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