High Mountains
Environmental fabric


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Create a new graphic line for Sublitex, a company that is part of the multinational Miroglio and deals with sublimation printing.


Bringing photography into the world of fabrics while highlighting the colors of nature through photos taken with techniques that make the subject harder to define.


The project is structured in 5 lines with very different colors and subjects that have nature as the common element. We go from the tulips of Pralormo to the mountains of Piedmont: Sacra di San Michele, Colle del Lys, Tre Levanne, and Ceresole Reale with the melting spring snow.

Advertising campaign

Since Sublitex was going to participate on the Première Vision fair, a textile industry fair, in Paris, an advertising campaign focused on the photographs shot for the project was done. Video trailers to present the concept were presented alongside: a website, a series of posters to give more details to visitors before entering the fair, a flyer, a brochure and a photo catalog. In the end, instead of at the Paris fair, the campaign was presented at during event organized in Turin with the collaboration of the Polytechnic of Turin.

High Mountains
Environmental fabric