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Cork heatsink

Product Design
Technical representation

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The goal was to create a functional product by using cork. Cork has a small size, it’s soft to the touch, and has non-slip characteristics which makes it the perfect material for the final product.


From a single cork, thanks to the addition of inexpensive materials and simple operations, a computer heatsink is designed to dissipate heat and improve performance.


This heatsink is made for laptops and it can fit a wide range of screen sizes. Its minimalistic design makes the product free from unnecessary clutter.

The cork stopper has been horizontally cut into two parts, both of which are placed under the two top corners of the laptop. This lifts the computer up to allow for a better passage of air.

Incisions have been done on the surface that is going to be in contact with the desk to allow for a better grip. Since there are two of these surfaces, one on each part, the incisions have been made in such a way were the two parts can still be attached together into one single element. The texture of the two surfaces will give a hint to the user when the two parts just “snap” together. This makes the product both visually appealing and easy to transport.
A hole had to be made on both parts of the cork stopper to allow them to be connected with an elastic cord which anchors the two parts of the cork stopper to the computer. There are also two slip knots to adjust the length of the cord to fit different laptop sizes.

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