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This is a project that includes my greatest personal interests: visual communication (photography, graphics, web design, videomaking, 3D) and mountains. The main goal is to show the mountains of Piedmont and Val d’Aosta through photographs and communicate the importance of protect the environment and acting in a sustainable way.


High Mountains is a project born from the desire to showcase the infinite beauty of our mountains. Since the beginning of 2015, the website is constantly evolving to describe new excursions and walks accompanied by photos video and 3D maps. All this has always been done with the intention of communicating love and respect for nature.


The main output of the project is the website: The site is written in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, and the layout is designed to provide all the information you need in one place. The various pages are linked together with suggestions and refer to the complete list of the excursions. There are several sections, the one dedicated to Excursions provides an interactive 3D map with all the places marked. The other major section is the Guide one and it is built to help people who want to get information about a whole area of a territory, there you can find tales of its unique features, its history and the most remarkable places to visit. The photographs are a fundamental part of the website and the layout highlights them by showing a fullscreen photo, to immerse yourself in the bigger picture.
The project over the years has evolved constantly and to this day is among the sites featured as Nominees on Awwwards.


Telling a story through photography is the guiding principle of the project. Each place is represented with a selection of shots to show its natural beauty, the views it offers, and the path to reach it.