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The Subalpine Association Mathesis promotes every year a mathematics challenge involving many students from Italian schools, in particular from Piedmont. The design task was to communicate the values of the association and promote the 2021 event.


The concept was to tell the story of the continuous renewal of the project, the beauty of mathematics and to intrigue about the challenges that would be present in the event. All of this through interactive 3D models and environments to be placed on the website to introduce the various topics to the user in a unique and attention-grabbing way.


For each key concept in the story of the Subalpine Association Mathesis was realized an interactive 3D model that represents it and, combined with the communication of the rest of the site, makes these concepts easy to remember. For the home page, an introduction to the event was created with the visual basis of fractals, an aspect of mathematics that is commonly associated with beauty.

High Mountains