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Thesis of the degree course in Design and Visual Communication, specialisation in Graphic and Virtual Design at the Polytechnic of Turin. The thesis work originated from contact with the Piedmont-based sustainable clothing company Produzione Lenta. The lengthy research was organised in various stages: environmental issues and their management at international level, the need to act in a sustainable way, the textile and clothing sector, large companies representing this sector, sustainable Italian companies, focus on Produzione Lenta.


After an in-depth study of the complex and problematic textile sector, it was decided to focus on communicating of the problems and the real solutions that would also lead to a product line.


The final project was an advertising campaign to tell the story of one of the most polluting sectors, which is often overshadowed by others that actually pollute not as much as it does. The aim is also to guide people's perceptions also on the advantages that everyone (including consumers) would have in buying high-quality, long-lasting products. Values that Prodzione Lenta carries forward and for which the campaign and the graphic product line designed.

Graphic Line

The bond and love for nature, for the mountains, for one's own territory are the basis of the graphics line for clothing designed. The graphics are designed for those who buy them to display their passion for the mountains and their ideas, or simply for those who want to carry with them one of the wonderful views of the high mountains.

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