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In the middle of the Covid19 pandemic a Virtual Design project took place starting with: a theme (Lifesaver) and a simple question (What if...?).
It went to investigate what are the lifesavers: things, activities, behaviors or relationships that bring benefits to our lives. Being an experimental project within the context of Design fiction there were no limits to research and experimentation as the current technology and the known reality were no longer to be taken into account.


Imagine plants as guardians of collective memory: what if it could be shared and perceived by humans?

The actual outcome is to make people reflect on the value of the relation with nature, the need to preserve it, to stimulate curiosity about the history of a territory and to imagine new types of interactions.


There were created communication materials and various supports necessary for the immersion in the unreal world of Design fiction. Through the website you could explore the project through an interactive 3D environment where you could try out the mechanics of the project. Also on the website was designed an area to purchase the service as if it were real. A social campaign, posters and a small publication (in which the fictional scientific discoveries behind the project are described) have been implemented always to immerse the user in this futuristic world.

Projects of this kind have two main implications. The first is a long-term one and consists of thinking about what future scenarios would be most desirable in 10 years and working from today to move in that direction. The second aspect is related to the engagement of design fiction into reality, making fantasy stories believable can create a huge communicative advantage.